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"I'm Caitlyn Shiels. I own and operate True North Stables in Illinois. As a former junior rider and student of Andre Dignelli at Heritage Farm, I have high expectations of my working students. Emmy Dolin exemplifies the characteristics I learned under Andre and expect today. 


Emmy worked with me this summer ('22) and showed a sales horse for me at the Splitrock show (in KY). She did an absolutely fantastic job. Emmy came to work every day with a positive attitude and a stellar work ethic. The best part about Emmy is she wants to learn and succeed for herself, her trainers and fellow riders. I would love to see her excel in a program that works with positive

influential leaders allowing her to grow into a successful young woman inside and out of the horse industry.


You are gaining a winner for your program with Emmy Dolin."


-- Caitlyn Shiels

Owner & Trainer, True North Stables

"My name is Kim Gardiner. I have been Emmy Dolin’s equestrian trainer for the past three years. In that short span of time, I have watched her grow from a rider showing in the Children’s Hunters to a confident Junior rider showing competitively in the Big Eq classes on several different horses.


I attribute Emmy's competitiveness to her intense desire to learn and a determination to achieve her defined goal of qualifying for the Big Eq Finals the last two years. She was able to qualify while catch riding a different horse at every show. Emmy has proven able to adapt to each horse quickly with very successful results; She has a very good understanding of how to get her horses going correctly on the flat, a strong position and is well versed in all the movements.

From a team perspective, Emmy is very supportive of her fellow riders. And, even though she may have personal goals, she is, in every aspect, a team player with all of our barn family. These qualities make Emmy a pleasure to train.


I strongly believe Emmy will greatly contribute to any NCEA Division 1 Equestrian team she joins with her hard work ethics, dedication to flawless horsemanship and loyalty attributes. 


If you have any questions regarding Emmy Dolin and her riding capabilities, please contact me at 630-890-5938."


-- Kim Gardiner
Owner & Trainer, Perfecta Farm


"As the assistant trainer at Perfecta Farm, I have helped coach Emmy for the past three years. When Emmy started training with us she was competing in the Children’s Hunter division and the 3’ Medals.


She was able to finish the year with her horse as the Reserve Champion in the M&S Children’s Hunter Finals and a Reserve Champion ribbon winner in the IHJA Children’s Medal.


Her goal for the next two years was to qualify for the Big Eq Finals. Emmy accomplished these goals. This year (2020), due to an error on my part, Emmy's Maclay entry did not get processed and she was not able to compete. Although she was very disappointed, she gracefully took this in stride and is concentrating on next year.


Emmy is an excellent student. Outside of riding lessons, she spends time honing her skills with complimentary activities. Emmy is a strong rider both on the flat and over fences.


I feel that coming out of our program, where she has been challenged by riding all types of horses in competition, she is an ideal candidate for the NCEA format. She adapts to different rides very quickly and wins consistently under pressure. 


She is a hard worker both on horseback and around the barn. I believe Emmy will be a valuable asset to anyone’s program."

-- Mara Kranz-Olseng
Assistant Trainer, Perfecta Farm

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